International system of money transfers CONTACT operates in the market of financial services since 1999. The companys services are provided through their network consisting of more than 40,000 service points in more than 90 countries around the world.

Quick Facts

  Transfer Currency


  Limit for Receiving Money

  TJS 70 000 (or equivalent in USD, RUR or EUR)

  Limit for Sending Money

  TJS 14 000 (or equivalent in USD, RUR or EUR)

  Available Locations

  All FMFB service outlets (only for receiving money)


  1% - 1.5%

How to Receive Money:

To receive remittance clients are required to provide to the FMFB-T remittance officer:



 Banking requisition, account number and number of the credit

 Additionally, the client should know:

 Code consisting of 1 to 16 numbers

 Full name of remitter

 Country and city of remitter

 Amount and currency of remittance

How to Send Money

For sending money through the remittances system, the customer should provide to the bank the following documents

 Copy of passport
 Copy of INN

The customer will be charged as per the tariff of remittances systems. For money transfer with business purposes, the customer is requested to provide to the bank a contract, invoice, quotation or  any other documents acknowledging the payment for goods or services.


 Make transfers fast with lower rates without opening an account to countries of CIS and abroad
 Quick remittance execution as there is no requirement for the client to fill in the form manually
 Through the Contact system clients can replenish their account as well as repay their credit in any country where the account is opened or the credit is taken